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The Sustainable Development Program is concerned with issues and policies that will ensure equitable economic growth today and for future generations. The program tackles the building blocks for the economy, including but not limited to education, public health, private-sector growth as well as government policies to spur economic growth in Cameroon and Africa.

The program places significant emphasis on building bridges with local, national and international stakeholders and in enhancing partnerships with various civil society organizations and development partners. We will continue to examine ways through which technological innovation can be translated into wealth creation for a vast majority of Africans.

We measure our social impact by the number of lives that we positively influence. By continually assessing our social return on investment (SROI) we ensure that projects are pursued that have the potential of helping the most people and can create opportunities for many more.

Governance & Democracy Initiative (GDI)

This initiative seeks to improve citizen participation in the political and policy process, to reduce the leakages in the management of public resources and to increase state capacity. GDI also strikes to promote the building of robust democratic institutions, expanding the policy space and enhancing cooperation among various institutions.

We perform this role by creating an enabling environment through the organization of policy forums, workshops, debates and the promotion of scholarly activities.