• Integrity

We at the Foundation will be open and honest with one another, the community, and all our donors and partners. We will uphold the highest possible standards of conduct and ethics. We respect all peoples and seek out ideas and advice of others.

  • Innovation

We believe that our problems can be solved with creative and innovative solutions. We take focused and strategic risks in proposing novel solutions to our problems. We empower others to challenge the conventional wisdom, think outside the box and drive new policies for sustainable development.

  • Leadership

We provide and promote an environment of trust that fosters the best ideas and policy options. We work with individuals and organizations who are best able to make significant contributions in their fields. We pursue actively our vision of a better world and inspire others to become involved.

  • Think Big

We believe in Big Ideas – ideas that have the potential of positively influencing the lives of millions. We will pursue these ideas relentlessly and seek avenues through which we can maximize our impact in our communities and society at large.

  • Diversity

Diversity is our greatest strength. We make it a priority to promote a culture where the best people want to work, where folks are rewarded based on merit, regardless of our individual differences. We celebrate our diversity in ideas and background.