Improving Cameroon’s Doing Business Index – Nkafu Debates

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This debate thus focused on  investigating  the benefits of introducing credit bureaus as a facilitator of credit accession in Cameroon. Centered around the  main thematic , Obtaining credit in Cameroon: Credit bureaus are essential to facilitate the process.

Replay – A Conversation With H.E. Richard Bale – Video

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Canada and the Republic of Cameroon have had very friendly bilateral relations since 1962, centered on shared economic prosperity, democracy promotion and respect for human rights, good governance, regional peace and security

Call For Papers (CFP 4): Africa’s Governance Performance

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The Beijing Platform on Gender Equality has been on for over 25 years today with a goal of achieving universal gender equality by erasing some of discriminatory social, economic and political norms against women and girls.

NOTI: Afcfta Is An Opportunity For African Countries To Integrate

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The experts were speaking this June 24 at the Mansel Hotel in Yaounde under the Nkafu Policy Institute’s (a think-tank of the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation) first edition of the Open Trade Initiative.

Facilitating the Process of Construction Permit, Crucial for Cameroon

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Excessive procedural patterns seem to hamper the?realization?of the objectives set by the government of Cameroon to attract much needed local and foreign direct investment to the country.

AfCFTA Is Vital For Economic Growth, Job Creation

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The economic situation in most African countries is dire. The banking sector according to the Managing Director of Ecobank is still trying to get on its feet while the number of custom or tax collection has reduced due to the pandemic.