Social Entrepreneurship Project – Mission in Burkina Faso

//Social Entrepreneurship Project – Mission in Burkina Faso

Social Entrepreneurship Project – Mission in Burkina Faso


Since September 2020, the Nkafu Policy Institute has been conducting the Social Entrepreneurship Project in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons learned from Cameroon, Ghana and Burkina-Faso, funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). To achieve the objectives of this project, two partners were identified in Ghana (Innohub) and Burkina Faso (BBI), respectively.
Given the progress of the project, it is deemed necessary to carry out a supervisory mission to Burkina Faso to launch data collection in the country.

I. Objectives of the mission

The main objective of the mission is to provide technical support to the partner BBI in implementing the project on social entrepreneurship and achieve the expected results. More specifically, it is a question of: (1) exchanging on business incubation practices in Sub-Saharan Africa, (2) outlining solutions to overcome the difficulties faced by business support structures in Burkina Faso and (3) launching of data collection.

II. Actions

  • Presentation of the results of the literature review on social innovation ecosystems in developing countries written by the Nkafu Policy Institute team;
  • Presentation of the data collection tools and the expected results;
  • Exchanges on the different deliverables of the project (reports, policy briefs/articles, feedback workshops, symposium);
  • Format and methodology;
  • Exchanges with some actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Burkina-Faso on business incubation practices in the country.
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