Strategies for The Formalisation of Businesses in Cameroon

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Strategies for The Formalisation of Businesses In Cameroon 

Date: November 3, 2021 Time: 14:00-15:00
Online Zoom (Register Here)


The entrepreneurial ecosystem suffers from a lack of real information on the typology of businesses. Therefore, in order to legalize their business, entrepreneurs usually lack information about the different legal forms that exist.   In 2018, the National Institute of Statistics of Cameroon estimated that 90% of the workforce remains trapped in the informal sector. In order to fill the knowledge gap in the field of formalisation in Cameroon, the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Centre (SBEC) proposes to organize a webinar on the theme: “Strategies for the formalisation of business in Cameroon”. 


This webinar aims at providing knowledge to entrepreneurs on the most appropriate formalisation. Specifically, it will: 

-Examine the current challenges of business formalisation in Cameroon, 

-Critically evaluate government measures put in place to promote formalisation in the entrepreneurial sector in Cameroon, 

-Identify and propose strategies to legalise a business at a lower cost in Cameroon. 

Target audience 


-Public policy experts and decision makers,

-Economists and researchers, civil society organisations, 

-Members of the SBEC network, 

-General public. 

Panelists and Moderators 


-Mr. MOULIOM Mazou, President of the Cameroon Association for the Defence of Taxpayers’ Rights (ACDC) 

-Mrs. Muna Emmanuela, Head of the Incubators Department at MINPMEESA. 

-Dr. Willy Tadjudje, Expert in cooperatives, at the Mutuelle Financière de Développement (MUFID UNION) 


-Dr Ahanda Sosthène Nicaise, Director of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Centre (SBEC). 


Email: [email protected]; Tel: (+237) 654 86 72 54 


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