Nchinda Pechue Melie, Intern – Economic Affairs

///Nchinda Pechue Melie, Intern – Economic Affairs
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Nchinda Pechue Melie is an intern, Economic Research, at the Nkafu Policy Institute, a Cameroonian Think Tank at the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation. Prior to joining the foundation, she worked as a credit analyst with ACEP Cameroon and as a research Assistant with IRAD Cameroon. She went though formal studies in the University of Buea and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, as well as a Masters degree in Agribusiness form the University of Dschang. Upon graduation from the University of Dschang, she proceeded to Kenyatta University, Kenya where she obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness. She is self-driven and values all positive additions to knowledge.