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  1. By accepting The STEM Prize, eventual winners will be requested to play an active role in promoting their awards and the Prize in general. By accepting the Prize, the winners would be accepting to dedicate time to be Ambassadors of STEM education.
  2. The Foundation reserves the right to cancel the Prize at any time, if a selected applicant is found ineligible or does not fulfill the conditions laid down for the Prize. Any misrepresentation of any kind will lead to the removal from the competition.
  3. All applicants are required to present original ideas and failure to disclose ownership may lead to disqualification. In case the innovation has been undertaken in collaboration with others, the names and contacts of the other collaborators need to be specified.
  4. The decision of The STEM Prize selection panel shall be final.
  5. To avoid conflict of interest, The STEM Prize selection panel members and technical validation experts shall not be eligible to submit an entry.
  6. The STEM Prize organizing team will ensure the strict protection of Intellectual Property rights, and everyone involved in the STEM Prize selection process will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  7. The STEM Prize organizing team might contact the applicants after the competition to propose various options including networking and business opportunities.