Dr. Nkengafac Fobellah

Nkafu Team

Research Associate – Health Policy and Research

Dr. NKENGAFAC FOBELLAH is the District Medical Officer at the Bangem health district and a Lecturer at Saint Monica University, Buea. He obtained a Masters in Public health from Saint Monica University, a Certification in statistics from the University of Edinburgh, UK, a BSc in Radiology from the Federal Polytechnique School of Lausanne, and a Doctor of Medicine Degree (M.D) from the University of Buea, Faculty of Health Sciences.
Dr. NKENGAFAC has worked as a medical doctor, head of female medical and surgical units, president of the Quote part committee, and has equally served as a consultant to St. Luke’s Medical Centre, Bokwai, Buea.

He joins the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation as a Clinical Research Associate, working on research grants, policies, writing proposals, opinion pieces, research papers, and working on health care to impact the lives of communities.