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It has been well documented that in order for a country to compete regionally and in the international arena, it must embrace and expand investments in science and technology. The adoption of new technologies is critical to sustain development and equitable growth. It is also important in improving health and social stability as the use of modern technology often translates to better knowledge transfer.

In Cameroon today, more than 50 percent of the workforce survives in the informal sector. This is particularly true for those in rural areas and uneducated youths. The transition from the informal to the formal sector is critical to engineering national growth, alleviating poverty and ensuring a stable political, economic and social environment.

Education has focused disproportionately on the liberal arts and social sciences and has failed to create capacity for Cameroonians to develop and expand innovative solutions to society’s greatest challenges. The lack of entrepreneurship can be linked to the lack of political and financial investments in science and technology. At this pace, Cameroon will continue to regress as other African countries make strides in growing their economies.

The Scholars Program (TSP) at the Foretia Foundation challenges students in the areas of leadership, science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. The program also highlights the critical need for sustained investments in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The summer-long program will introduce secondary and high school students from across the country to the many opportunities that STEM has to offer. It will allow policymakers to re-evaluate the current education priorities and will seek to re-orient this policy towards one that allows Cameroon to become a leader in science, technology and engineering.

As part of the program, scholars visit various cities in Cameroon, national parks, monuments, economic centers, the parliament and other policy making bodies. This serves to expose young leaders to the various areas in the society where positive change is needed.

An educational policy that is centered on STEM development will ensure the development of a technically savvy citizenry, capable to managing technically challenging responsibilities.

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