The Nkafu Policy Institute welcomes outstanding scholars, practitioners, journalists and public intellectuals to take part in non-partisan dialogue and the exchange of ideas. The Institute hosts scholars who conduct independent research on national and/or international issues addressing key public policy challenges. Through its scholars, the Institute enriches crucial policy debates and provides a platform for scholars to transform ideas into policies. The Institute hosts fellows in residence as well as non-resident experts.

Fellows (In-Residence)

The Nkafu Policy Institute offers unique opportunities for mid-career professionals focusing on various issues of development. The program affords fellows the opportunity to expand their perspective in a focused area and to pursue research questions that advance economic development, trade and national security. Fellows are recruited year-round and are based in Yaounde. The duration of each fellowship varies but usually ranges from one to three years. Fellows are offered a stipend, which varies with each fellowship and are generally considered independent contractors rather than Nkafu employees.

Non-Resident Fellows (Affiliate advisers and experts)

A select group of scholars with expertise in areas of importance to the Institute who provide Nkafu researchers with their views on studies in progress, these specialists are not in residence. They are not compensated by the Institute.

If interested in becoming a Non-Resident Fellow, see details of the process here.

To be considered for appointment as a Non-Resident Fellow submit an application here.