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The non-formalization, the non-support of businesses and the lack of access to related information seem to be among the factors underlying the poor performance of entrepreneurial structures. Indeed, there are business formalization centers as well as structures specializing in supporting businesses in various aspects such as tax reduction, payment of taxes and other providers of information useful for their activities. However, potential beneficiaries do not know this.
Companies suffer from the lack of information mentioned above. However, it should be noted that a non-formalized company is not legally known and therefore cannot appear in the event of a dispute as a legal person. Conflict management therefore becomes practically impossible with third parties and augurs a shortfall.
In addition, acting in the informal sector prevents taking advantage of the advantages offered by public services such; Training, financial support and other miscellaneous support.
Non-formalized businesses do not have access to credit. Indeed, financial institutions (banks and microfinance establishments) only lend to legal persons, that is to say formal businesses.

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