2909, 2021

Fri Asanga Appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Foretia Foundation

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The Board of Directors of the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation is very pleased to announce that Ms. Fri Asanga has been selected as the next Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation

809, 2021

Health Research Grant Initiative 2021

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INTRODUCTION   The Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to its mission of “Catalysing Africa’s Economic Transformation by focusing on social entrepreneurship, science and technology, innovation, public health and the implementation of progressive policies that together creates economic opportunities for all”. The foundation provides a platform for in-depth analysis of various economic, [...]

209, 2021

Nkafu Policy Institute Organizes Restitution Workshop To Present Research Findings

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Following the in-country workshop held on May 5, 2021, during which the draft data collection tools were presented to different stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, five data collection tools were finalized for business support structures; ecosystem enablers, capital providers, social entrepreneurs and beneficiaries of social enterprises. After collecting data [...]

2308, 2021

Cameroon is not taking enough advantages of the trade agreement between Cameroon and Nigeria

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Let's transform our raw materials, give them added value and above all, comply with international standards for the manufacture and packaging of products.

701, 2021

Dr William Arrey, Chief Executive Officer, to Step Down on March 1, 2021 Mme Fri Asanga Appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer

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After years of tireless work to further the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation's mission, Dr. Arrey is stepping down from his role as Chief Executive Officer on 1st March 2021 to dedicate more time to policy research. During his tenure, Dr. Arrey oversaw the Foundation's success in building critical [...]

701, 2021

Le Dr William Arrey, directeur général, se retirera le 1er mars 2021 Mme Fri Asanga nommée directrice générale par intérim

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Après des années de travail inlassable pour faire avancer la mission de la Fondation Denis & Lenora Foretia, le Dr Arrey quittera son poste de directeur général le 1er mars 2021 pour consacrer plus de temps à la recherche sur les politiques. Durant son mandat, le Dr Arrey a [...]

1511, 2019

Cameroon’s Increasing Conflicts: Time for Community Actions Towards Peace

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In Cameroon, three conflicts have hit hard on the country largely considered to have been peaceful and stable in a troubled African region. President Paul Biya who has been in power for 37 years is heavily criticized by both the national and the international communities for an overstayed welcome. Observers [...]

3110, 2019

Cameroon: Foretia Foundation Trains Researchers On Health Research Methods

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Winners of the Health Research Grant alongside other Young researchers in Cameroon have been empowered on how to influence policy change by carrying out sound scientific research. This was in a 2-days training program organized by the Nkafu Policy Institute of the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation was under the [...]

810, 2019

SBEC Entrepreneurship Skills Training- Douala

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Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) contribute around 36% of Cameroon’s GDP, make-up over 90% of businesses in Cameroon, and employ above 60% of the population. Yet, glaring realities indicate that enormous potentials inherent in this sector are unfortunately not fully-harnessed - especially given that more than 70% of SMEs [...]

2309, 2019

Gallery: SBEC Training 1 Entrenreneurship Skills -Yaounde

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All Business Management Taxes Access to finances Image #1 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image #2 Image [...]

2309, 2019

Cameroon: Foretia Foundation Trains Business Operators On Basic Entrepreneur Skills

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The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Center (SBEC), which focuses on equipping entrepreneurs and small business owners with organizational and business management skills that promote a free enterprise society, has trained participants on “Small Business Management and Entrepreneurial skills”. During the event organized by the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation in [...]

1709, 2019

Atelier Formation en Gestion des Petites Entreprises – Douala

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Avec le soutien du Département des d’Affaires mondiales du Canada (AMC), le Centre ds petiites et moyennes entreprises et de l’entrepreneuriat (SBEC) de la Fondation Denis et Lenora Foretia invite les propriétaires de petites entreprises des secteurs formels et informels, les associations de femmes d’affaires, les agriculteurs, les agroentrepreneurs et tous les futurs propriétaires d’entreprises [...]