Admissions Criteria

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Admissions Criteria

The Leadership Program for Young African Scholars maintains very high standards with a very competitive admissions process. The Program seeks students who have a demonstrated passion for leadership, a passion for social change, and a commitment to positively change their communities. We look for young scholars who will bring strong academic abilities, creativity, initiative, enthusiasm, dedication and follow-through to the program. Therefore the Leadership Program seeks young students who have, maybe through their work at school, in civic or religious organizations, families, or sporting activities, demonstrated a strong:

  • Capacity for leadership;
  • Dedication to learning more about leadership; and
  • Ability to work well with others, which requires a true appreciation for new ideas and new people, a willingness to genuinely listen to others, a dedication to effective communication, and an ability to follow through with commitments.


The Leadership Program seeks students who will contribute to a diversity of leadership styles, personality types, experiential backgrounds, and individuals from various ethnic backgrounds and religious affiliation. We seek to identify and nurture a new generation of transformational leaders who will steer Africa to a new developmental trajectory.

Applying to the Leadership Program