The Foretia Foundation was established to help catalyze Africa’s economic transformation by focusing on social entrepreneurship, science, technology, innovation, health and smart education.

If you are an undergraduate, graduate or professional student or a recent graduate with your own strong interests in the issues facing our country, our continent and the world, the Internship Program with the Foretia Foundation may be the place for you. The program seeks individuals who are professional, energetic, dependable and curious. Interns can be based at the Foundation headquarters in Yaounde or remotely from various localities as well as internationals.

The Yaounde office is where all non-profit activities are determined and organized.

The internship program at the Foretia Foundation follows a three (3) month cycle. Interns are expected to spend at least 35 hours a week at the foundation. The internship program at the foundation is an incredible opportunity for young students and professionals to participate in shaping the future of their country and continent.

Interns interact directly with staff, volunteers, and Foundation stakeholders, in activities as communications, development, and policy analysis. Interns become intricately connected with the functioning of the Foretia Foundation on a daily basis. The Foretia Foundation hosts a series of lectures, talks, forums and networking sessions which brings together government officials, entrepreneurs, development partners, business men and women and members of civil society organizations to formulate strategies for sustainable and inclusive growth. Interns are expected to participate actively during these events.


The Foundation seeks interns who are highly dependable, organized, energetic, detail-oriented, and proficient in MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). We seeks interns who are bilingual, with good written and oral communications skills, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to work as a team.


As a Leadership intern, you may work in Executive offices in formulating strategies for the foundation. You may also work in the Sustainable Development Program or the Science and Technology Initiative.

As a Policy intern you are responsible for assisting the Nkafu Policy Institute with extensive research, analysis, briefing and report writing for current initiatives and in preparation of policy briefs, reviews and analyses. They also will be required to assist with administrative responsibilities relating to the daily operations of the institute. This position requires strong research skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work under pressure and meeting deadlines. This position also requires a degree of flexibility with work hours and schedules as well as the ability to work independently.

Interns working with the Programs Department are responsible for developing the content for all foundation events such as lectures, panels, conferences and forums. This includes creating the schedule, format and session topics, as well as the selection and recruitment of moderators and panelists. Program interns will help communicate with its invitees/guest speakers and support the day-to-day management of all program related matters. Program interns should have a high standard of professionalism, strong organizational and research skills, ability to multitask and comfort working under deadlines.


The Foretia Foundation Communications Department handles all of the Foundation’s messages from Facebook to the preparation of marketing materials and outreach strategies for various audiences of importance to the Foundation, including donors, partners, and the general public. Activities will include research, writing, copy editing and preparation of print, web, and video projects. The Communications interns will also support the development and execution of online and social media strategies, as well as various marketing campaigns promoting Foundation initiatives and events.


Design interns work with communications teams to create graphics for the website, meetings, and other materials. Prospective candidates should have a good working knowledge of typography and layout, and the ability to work within established brand guidelines and create work in harmony with it. Interns will have the opportunity to contribute to the preparation of marketing materials and outreach strategies for various audiences of importance to the Foundation, including donors, partners, and the general public.

Should you be interested in an internship opportunity, apply here.