The Way Forward in Resolving the Anglophone Problem

/The Way Forward in Resolving the Anglophone Problem

The Way Forward in Resolving the Anglophone Problem

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Quelles Solutions pour le probleme Anglophone?

What solutions for the Anglophone Problem? 

[dropcap type=”circle” color=”#FFFFFF” background=”#8C212A”]I[/dropcap]n the last three months, protests in the predominantly English-speaking parts of Cameroon have paralyzed the country. Teachers, lawyers and university students have hit the streets in protests for various reasons. The protests have rekindled what is known within Cameroon as the “Anglophone Problem” – the marginalization of English-speaking Cameroonians. There have been recent calls for a return to a federated state or for outright secession. Unfortunately, the response from the forces of law and order has led to the death of many lives.

How can we as a people build a more cohesive union? What must we do to address these issues? What role does civil society, government and the private sector have in bridging this divide?

The Nkafu Policy Institute has assembled a distinguished group of leading Cameroonians to help us begin to address these issues constructively. They bring their professionalism to bear on this discussion.


This will be a very interactive discussion with a strong moderator. The moderator will engage the panelists for the first 45 minutes. During the second 45 minutes panelists will entertain questions from the audience. The panel will be expected to outline what they see as a roadmap for resolving these problems. Panelists will speak in English or French. Audience questions will be in English or French. There will be NO concurrent translation.

This civil discussion will be carried out in a transparent fashion. This is NOT a political rally, so if you are coming here to talk about the SDF, the CPDM, the CPP or any other political party this is not the place for that. This discussion session is for Cameroonians to come together as one and attempt to find solutions to the on-going problems. At the Nkafu Policy Institute, we respect everyone and every opinion. We also expect ALL participants to respect each other, our speakers and moderator and the entire team. If you cannot respect your colleague, this is NOT the place for you.

Confirmed Speakers:

The complete list of confirmed speakers will be announced in a few days. If you want to suggest a speaker use this link. Dr. Simon Munzo and Prof. Jean Emmanuel Pondi have confirmed his participation.

Dr Simon Munzu

Prof Pondi






Target Audience:

This event is open to the general public. It particularly targets leaders of civil society organizations, members of the diplomatic corps, trade unions, teachers, lawyers, journalists, and students.

How do I attend?

If interested in attending this event you must complete the registration process. This event is free to the public thanks to generous support from the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation. All registered attendees will receive a confirmation email to guarantee their seats in the auditorium

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