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Health Policy Analyst

The Nkafu Policy Institute is a Cameroonian think tank at the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation which provides independent, in-depth and insightful policy recommendations that advance the Cameroonian economy and the economies of other sub-Saharan countries. Its reputation is founded on its independence, high quality research and innovative policy prescriptions. Its mission is to advance public policies that help all Africans prosper in free, fair, and sustainable economies.

To develop our activities in Cameroon, we are recruiting a full time Health Policy Analyst to be based in Yaoundé.

Health Policy Analyst (HPA)

The goal of a Health Policy Analyst is to propose policy ideas that help individuals and families live healthier lives, and to educate communities on health-related issues. Her/Her duties include assessing policies and programs as well as identifying needs and promoting action. A strong focus for this position will be on addressing the access and delivery of surgical care in Africa.

Job Qualifications:

  • A minimum of a master’s degree preferably in public health, in addition to relevant professional experience.
  • You must be an expert in developing public health policy, preferably with experience in policy analysis.
  • Required skills include data collection and interpretation, developing strategic plans and a complete mastery of public health policies of Cameroon.
  • Strong research background
  • MUST be proactive and motivated
  • Good computer literacy. People skills are also necessary as this job involves public education, program coordination and advocacy.
  • Good social media communication skills

Personal Attributes:

An effective Health Policy Analyst needs to have strong communication (bilingual candidates preferred) and facilitation skills as you will be educating and coordinating varied agencies and organizations. Advocating for changes in public policy requires a confident person who can confidently speak to public officials, or stand before an audience and make a convincing case. You also need good writing skills because you will be expected to write research manuscripts, articles, create news releases, bulletins, reports, posters, fliers and other documents. Analysts must be creative and able to think out of the box. Other needed skills include multitasking, paying attention to detail and working well independently and as a team member

Basic Duties:

  • The analyst will be required to conduct research and write research articles on health care delivery in Africa. Special emphasis will be on surgical care delivery.
  • Engage in public debates related to health care policy in Cameroon, Africa and globally.
  • Produce, with the assistance of team members, health infographics, reports etc and communicate them through traditional and modern media outlets.
  • Present findings to public policymakers, service providers, community groups and the news media. In this way, you educate authorities and the public about health issues in the area you serve.

Other Tasks:

  • Some of your responsibilities as a Health Policy Analyst will vary. These factors affect the duties you are expected to perform, which can include anything from producing a handbook of community programs and services to writing grants to conducting fundraising campaigns
  • Write at least one article every two weeks for the website on issues that can contribute to the economic transition of Cameroon and Africa.

Other Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to take initiative and complete project assignments independently and on time.
  • Organizational skills and performing job requirements efficiently and orderly.
  • Ability to maintain high degree of privacy and confidentiality.

Work Environment:

  • The noise level in the work environment is usually low to moderate.
  • This is a no smoking work environment.
  • The work environment is located on the second floor of a two?story building.
  • This position will be full time 40 hours per week.


All applications must be submitted using our online application tools. Before applying, you shall prepare a CV, cover letter and a writing sample. Submit your application online

Position will be opened until filled. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Applications will be reviewed on an on-going basis until position is filled. It is in your best interest to apply early.

REQUIRED WRITING EXERCISE – To be considered, applicants must submit a sample writing sample (no more than 3000 words) on a topic dealing with public health.