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Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Position Summary (APPLY HERE)

The Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation is recruiting for a Chief Operating Officer (COO) to execute strategic growth initiatives and ensure effective organizational management. The COO oversees the Foundation’s ongoing operations and procedures. As a vital member of the senior management team, the COO reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and establishes policies that promote the institution’s culture and vision through its operations. The COO is responsible for ensuring operational efficiency, which includes maintaining control of diverse activities and programs as well as establishing and following a set of policies and processes.

By setting comprehensive goals for performance and growth, the Chief Operating Officer leads team members and encourages maximum performance and dedication. The COO role is a high-visibility position, requiring strong communication skills and the responsibility of being called upon to represent the organization in the community and the media positively. The COO must maintain the highest level of integrity and lead by example in all areas.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the Foundation and temporarily perform the duties of the office of the Chief Executive Officer when the CEO is unable or unavailable.
  • Develop, in collaboration with the CEO and the senior management team, an annual operating plan that supports the Foundation’s long-term operations strategy.
  • Provide timely and candid updates of the Foundation’s operations and progress towards achieving set goals including material deviations from the goals or objectives and policies established by the Board.
  • Ensure open communication, timely issue resolution, and effective project development.
  • Attend and present information necessary or relevant to the Board and its Committees for discharging its duties at Board Meetings.
  • Foster a culture that promotes ethical practices, service and encourages individual integrity.
  • Maintain a positive and ethical work climate that is conducive to attracting, retaining and motivating a diverse group of team members at all levels.
  • Coordinate the Foundation’s sustainable strategies and manage principal operating risks, such as proposals, projects, and staffing.
  • Ensure that there is an effective succession plan in place for the COO position and other key executives of the Foundation reporting to the COO.
  • Assist the CEO in establishing an appropriate organizational structure.
  • Perform other functions related to the office of the COO, including requests from the CEO or the Board.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Excellent interpersonal, presentation and public speaking skills, both practiced and impromptu
  • BILINGUAL (English and French)
  • Excellent mastery of accounting practices with experience in grants management
  • Masters or Doctorate in Business Administration, Law, Management or related areas
  • Familiarity with the operational procedures at all levels of the organization
  • A strong analytical and data-driven mindset that translates into leadership skills
  • Ability to inspire team members to live up to their potential and optimize their productivity
  • Sound decision-making and problem-solving skills in pressure situations
  • Demonstrable competency in strategic planning and business development
  • Proven experience in senior management roles or a similar and relevant role


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