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Call For Application For Trainers

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  1. Background

Cameroon faces widespread disparities in freedom of economic access, especially for women and youths. Social insertion through the acquisition of decent jobs or creating one from income generating skills remains a hard piece to swallow for the youths and women in Cameroon. The lack of soft skills to face the job market that is becoming even more competitive nowadays and the inadequacy of income generating skills harnessed into reliable business ventures, have been diagnosed as causalities to the low level of social insertion of youths and women. It is in this regard, that the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Center (SBEC) of the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation steps in, as a stitch in time, through her Job Preparedness Bootcamp under the Powering Prosperity and Economic Freedom for Women and Youths Project, to leverage both the soft and income generating skills of youths and women in 5 regions (Centre, West, Littoral, Southwest and Northwest Regions) of Cameroon.

The Foundation therefore through this call of “training of trainers” seeks the expertise of trainers with a proven track record, to train participants on soft skill development in each of the aforementioned regions.

  1. Duration

The incumbent is expected to train for a period of 2 – 3 years on a contractual basis.

  1. Responsibilities

The incumbent shall:

  • Be willing to take part in the preparatory training process organized to equip the trainers;
  • Prepare quality PowerPoint presentations for each module from the training manuals.
  • Ensure the follow-up of trainees;
  • Develop and maintain good teaching-learning techniques with trainees;
  1. Training Location

Interested applicants must choose only one region (this must be the region of residence).

  1. Selection Criteria

The incumbent must fulfil the following criteria

  • Competences:
  • Proven skills at carrying out similar trainings;
  • Good knowledge of PowerPoint;
  • Good written and oral communication skills;
  • Being bilingual (English and French) will be an added advantage;
  • A creative thinker and open minded;
  • Excellent follow up skills.

4.2 Education

Have at least a bachelor’s degree in any Social Science specialty.

4.3 Experience

Have at least 2 years of experience at carrying out similar trainings

  1. Documents to be submitted

Kindly send a copy of your CV (2 pages max with at least 2 references), Cover Letter, attestations of work experience and any other document(s) you deem relevant to boost your candidacy.

  1. Deadline for submission 24th-February-2023, 5pm GMT+1

To apply for this job please visit

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