842 million, one eighth of the world’s population live in extreme hunger and poverty and exist on less than 80 pence a day. Hunger kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Millions of women, men and children die each year because of chronic persistent hunger – TWO million are children. Of the thousands of people who live in hunger and poverty, 10 percent are suffering from famine or from the high profile emergency crises that we are sadly all too familiar with. However, particularly whilst the focus of the world is on high profile crises, it is vital that we recognize that, even today, the 90 percent majority of those suffering with hunger and poverty are living in other parts of the world, not affected by famine, earthquake or flood, but because of the chronic persistent hunger that exists in the developing world, in particular, Africa. PROGRAM OF EVENT 2:30 to 2:45 pm – Arrival of guests 3:00pm – Start of the Colloquium with a word of welcome and Program run down by the Foretia Foundation Director-Mr. OBED FUNG. 3:15pm – 1st guest speaker (Purpose of the World Hunger Day-Mr. Jacques ROY -World Food Program) 3:30pm – 2nd guest speaker (Analysis of the Situation in Cameroon– M. FOUDA Jules-CSO) 3:45pm – 3rd guest speaker (Government and NGOs Actions so far and Shortcomings Dr YUMO Habakkuk-R4D International) 4:00pm – 4th guest speaker (A word on the issue of Food Wastage– Mr. Amah John Paul-CSO) 4:15pm – Question and answer session (Open discussions for more clarifications) 4:30pm – Evaluation 4:45pm – Recommendations/the way forward (All guests) 5:00 pm – End of program and light refreshment To attend this event, please RSVP to events@foretiafoundation.org  

Cameroon is known for its cultural and ethnic diversity. It is for these reasons that it is commonly referred to as “Africa in miniature”. However, very few studies have examined the impact of Cameroon’s culture on its developmental trajectory or how Cameroon’s culture influences social and economic change in the country. It is therefore imperative to examine the impact and prospects of Cameroon’s multiethnic and multilingual dispensation on social wellbeing and economic advancement. Weeklong event in Yaounde highlighting Culture in Cameroon One-day symposium in Yaounde? “Cameroon’s Culture and Development – Strategies for Social Advancement” Invitation to 30 Cameroonian artists to participate during the weeklong event. Artists to include musicians, museum directors etc A cultural soiree with culinary representation from all 10 regions in Cameroon, traditional clothing from all regions, demonstration of special arts as well as musical performances from all 10 regions Engage the media in discussing the role of culture in promoting economic and social growth The “Cameroonian Culture in Perspective” event will have a major impact on the Cameroonian community. It will serve as an important opportunity for various stakeholders to assess the current state of affairs and to strategize on various ways of re-defining and expanding Cameroon’s culture. It will encourage scholarship on neglected areas of culture such as Cameroon clothing history and Cameroonian cuisine. In fact, the weeklong event will allow various members of the entertainment industry to critically assess the state of the Cameroonian film industry.

As is the case every year, the World Food Day will take place on October 16th, with the main goal to raise public awareness about the challenges of hunger and encourage people worldwide to take action in the fight against hunger.   The topic for 2015 is “Social protection and Agriculture”, which highlights the role social protection plays in reducing chronic food insecurity and poverty by ensuring direct access to food or the means to buy food.  Social protection is, moreover, a viable alternative for stimulating agricultural production and local economic activity. The Foretia Foundation is particularly pleased with the choice of topic, which reflects a clear intention to catalize on economic development, job creation and growth. In this context and in order to guarantee the result and face this challenge, the Foretia Foundation is organizing a symposium, with all stakeholders to exchange on challenges of food insecurity and possible solutions in Cameroon and in Africa. This “Symposium on Food Security in Cameroon” on the 16 October 2015 at Institut Francais du Cameroon in Yaounde from 3PM – 7PM. If you would like to attend this event, REGISTER HERE.   Moderator:  Marcelline Djuidje Ngounoue, PhD Senior Lecturer & Researcher,  Dept. of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Yaounde 1   Distinguished Speakers: Yankam Njonou, PhD Agronomist, Economist Director – FAYA Consulting Firm Mme Mahop Estelle Laure Nutritionist & Agricultural Engineer, Division of Nutrition & Health Promotion, Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) Albert Mbarga, Agricultural Economist Coordinator – ACEFA Program Ministry of Agriculture (MINADER) Mballa Andre Agronomist, Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO) Martin Paul Zoo Technical Secretary, National Committee – CODEX Ministry of Agriculture (MINADER)    

REGISTER HERE The theme of the event is: “Media and Development in Cameroon.” The event will examine the positive impact that independent media can have on society especially in accelerating economic development. It will specifically address issues of growth in a context of social instability, poverty and the responsibility of policymaking institutions in enacting policies that catalyze economic growth, fosters social cohesion and ensures the equitable distribution of wealth. It aims to: Show the involvement of media in raising awareness to Cameroonians in terms of policies they could adopt in moving forward; Identify the various difficulties the media faces in order to efficiently perform their duties; Ensure that the media can effectively communicate the wishes of the people to decision-makers and vice versa. Target group and participants The event is open to various stakeholders, journalists; development partners, practitioners in the field of Agriculture and Sustainable development, professors, educators, NGOs, students and the general public. List of subthemes The sub-themes will address the effect an independent media can have on three specific areas: Economic development, Governance and Social Cohesion. The sub-themes include:- What role has the media played so far in the Cameroonian development trajectory? How can the media best contribute to development of Cameroon? How do the media fulfill their civic responsibility of mastering and sharing information between the various sectors of society? How has social media influenced the sharing of information in Cameroon? What lessons can be learned? In the wake of rapid technological and infrastructural change all over the world today, many rural people do not get adequate information from the mass media and, therefore cannot take advantage of available technology to change their environment. How do Cameroonian media expand outreach to rural communities. Our Distinguished Speakers Jean Bruno Tagne (Moderator) Odilia Hebga (World Bank, Cameroon) Xavier Messe (Director – Mutations)